Chunky Knit Scarf Pattern

Chunky Knit Scarf Pattern

When I am not doing Punch Needle, I am probably knitting. I learned when I was thirteen, and it is the hobby which started my fiber arts addiction. 

I LOVE the feel of yarn running through my fingers. I love the colors, and texture, and all the different ways you can use yarn to make something completely new! As a lover of yarn, it's also very beneficial for me to have two hobbies which use the same medium. Did you know you can use craft store yarns for punch needle? Well, now you know! 

Back to knitting.

Here's a simple knit that makes a BIG statement! This tutorial makes a great project for a beginner or someone who wants to make something practical and stylish in a short time frame. It's made with just one stitch, a knit stitch, and a whole lot of yarn. I used Bernat Softee Chunky which is available in most craft stores or online. 

When finished this scarf is about 8 feet long which means you can wrap it around yourself multiple times or even use it as a blanket. I wore it out and about during the recent snowstorm and it kept me extremely cozy. 

You can download the pattern here! Enjoy!


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