Ready to Punch Needle a Rug? Join the Club.

How Does Punch Rug Club Work?

Craft Smarter, Not Harder

Punch Rug Club is more than a course; it's your exclusive ticket to creating a jaw-dropping, handcrafted masterpiece for your home. From January to June 2024, you’ll impress yourself and others with this unique, creative experience.


Yes, YOU can make a rug!

I can hear it now - that little voice in you saying, “Sounds amazing! But I’m not crafty enough to make that… or could I? I know how daunting a large craft project can feel, especially when learning something new. That’s why each step of this project is intentionally designed with you in mind - no overwhelm allowed!


How It Works

With monthly section guides and our monthly yarn deliveries, you'll never feel swamped. I’ll carefully guide you through your rug-making journey, one section at a time. Each delivery not only provides you with precisely what you need to punch but also offers a clear time estimate, ensuring that you progress comfortably and confidently, turning your wildflower vision into reality.


Let's be punch needle pals!

You don't have to go it alone! Along the way you’ll receive check-ins and additional guidance from me, and even some Q&A video call sessions for everyone in the club to meet, chat, and learn together as a community of rug-punching-pals. *don’t worry, friendships not required


When Does Punch Rug Club Start?

Punch Rug Club enrollment is officially CLOSED! But we'll be back next year!


How much does Punch Rug Club Cost?

Option 1: One-time payment of $1950

You'll get your starter kit shipped to you in December followed by six months of yarn deliveries!

BONUS: Save 10% when you make a one-time payment!

Option 2: Initial 25% payment followed by 7 monthly payments of $209

Pay as you go with our monthly payment plan. Your initial 25% payment will cover your starter pack followed by monthly payments through June 2024.

What's in the box?

In your initial shipment you'll receive your Punch Rug Club starter pack! These are the base materials you need to create your rug, including: the rug pattern traced on monks cloth, two top-notch Oxford punch needles, and a gripper frame stand to make your project a breeze. THEN starting in January, you'll get a monthly delivery of premium hand-dyed rug wool, all made with love in the USA. We even sprinkle in surprise freebies because, well, why not?

Your Questions Answered

Who is this course for?

Have you punched a few small projects, but feel like you're ready for more? This course is for you. We'll help you take your punch needle skills to the next level with monthly modules that teach you exactly what you need to know.

This course is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only for this first round.

What Materials Will I Need?

When you join Punch Rug Club you'll receive an initial delivery of all the core materials you need to make the Wildflower Rug including: Traced monks cloth, two premium Oxford Needles, and one 30 x 20in gripper stand frame. Then, starting in January 2024 you'll receive a monthly delivery of yarn to punch that month's section. Any additional materials you need will be shipped to you when you need them.

How Long Will the Course Take to Complete?

If you follow our punching guide and punch for at least 2 hours a week you will complete this rug in 6 months. Have time to watch a few episodes of your favorite show? Then you've got the time to make this rug!

How Do I Watch the Course?

Every month you will get access to new video modules that go over exactly what you need to know for that month. You'll also have access to a digital community where you can share your progress and ask questions!

How Large is the Completed Rug?

When finished the rug is roughly 50in x 66in.

How does the payment plan work?

At the time of sign up you will pay 25% off the total course cost. This will pay for your core materials which will be sent to you in early December. After the initial payment, you will pay 7 smaller monthly payments until PRC is complete in June of 2024.

You also have the option to pay in full at the time of sign up.

What if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment at any time during the duration of Punch Rug Club, you will not receive your monthly yarn delivery OR access to the monthly modules. All deliveries will be halted until payment resumes.

Can I just buy the pattern?

To get access to the Wildflower Rug Pattern you'll have to join Punch Rug Club. We will release the pattern in 2024 after this round of PRC has wrapped up.