The Must Have Punch Needle Supplies

The Must Have Punch Needle Supplies

I discovered Punch Needle in 2018 while deep diving in the seas of Instagram. Technically, I had done punch needle with embroidery floss before as a kid when my mom purchased a kit for me, but I had no idea you could do the same thing with yarn! My crafty senses (think spidey-senses but for crafter’s) were tingling, telling me this would be a craft I would love. So I did what every other crazy craft person would do -- I asked for an advance on my birthday present and spent about $300 on supplies to get myself started. 

Now, pick your jaw up off the floor because what I’m going to share today is how not to spend $300 initially on Punch Needle supplies. On the contrary, you can get everything you need to try it for just $40! Here’s the nitty-gritty on what supplies you need and where to get them, OR get everything in an kit form me for just $40 (I vote option #2!)

  1. Monk’s Cloth - This is fabric specifically made for Punch Needle. It is woven so it makes it easy to insert your needle while also being tight enough to hold the stitches in place. Technically, JoAnn & Hobby Lobby sell Monk’s Cloth BUT the weave of their Monk’s cloth is too loose. You want to aim for a cloth that has about 12 double strands per inch. I sell this exact weave in my store by the yard! Check it out. 

  2. Punch Needle Tool - We could spend all-day talking punch needles, and in fact, I already wrote a blog post on the pros and cons of different needles here, but when you are just getting started you probably don’t need all 8 of the Oxford needles. My Begin-To Kits come with a “Basic Needle” which is perfect for beginners. If you are like me and want to jump right to the Rolls Royce of needles, I recommend the Oxford #13. This one is great for fine to medium weight yarns which are readily available at your local craft store.
  3. Yarn - You can use any yarn that will flow easily through your needle. If you want more info on yarn, check out this post I wrote about all the different things you can use. You can opt for the more expensive rug wool, but when starting out you don’t have to! 

  4. Hoop or Frame - The key to easy punching is a hoop or gripper frame that will keep your work tight! It’s essential! A wood hoop from the craft store won’t cut it for punching, but you can always use that for display after you finish. I recommend a no-slip hoop which you can usually find at a craft store OR my wood look hoop that comes with my Begin-To Kits. I love this option because it works for punching and looks great for display also. If you want the what I use, shop here.

Those are the basic materials you need to start this craft! Now, you’re probably asking, “Sallie, you told me I can get all of that for $40. How??” I am so glad you asked. My beginner kits are made for, you guessed it, beginners! They have all of the above materials included, plus a cute pattern and an in-depth Punch Needle 101 Course that will teach you to punch needle. Best of all, it’s $40 for all of it. 

Want to jump straight to it with professional tools? Consider joining Punch Rug Club where you can take a deeper dive into techniques while also getting a discount on essential supplies. 

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I just tried one of your beginner kits to put on display in my shop and I AM IN LOVE!!!!! I 100%%%% agree with everything you wrote above! I have alllllll of the Oxford punches and have searched high and low for cloth, I have the Oxford grip frames but I have to say your wood look frames AMAZING!!!!!! I want more!! I also want to get a roll of the monks cloth. Your designs are user friendly and just fun! Can’t wait to see what your next round of designs will be!


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